Have a domestic violence data base

There is a sexual assault data bases that makes people registered and known for their horrible acts. Yet, there are people who have committed domestic assault on significant others and children and are never known. It’s a crime that causes anguish, pain, fear, and mental anguish. It’s a crime that should follow the person around and be public for another to search. There should be something that protects others or let’s people know who they are dealing with. https://www.change.org/p/mitt-romney-have-a-domestic-violence-data-base

Community Education

The Family Violence Network's goal - to promote nurturing family relationships -- is encouraged through educational opportunities in the community.
Educational and Technical Assistance
Agency staff and volunteers provide educational and technical assistance to community groups, schools, churches, professional associations, and businesses. Efforts to prevent family violence include promoting individual responsibility and competence for peacemaking;
building communities of awareness, hope and support; and
facilitating asset and skill development workshops.
Women's and Children's Support Groups and Individual Support Counseling

New View/New You, A Women’s Group for Individuals Involved in Controlling or Abusive Relationships will begin meeting on Monday, August 12 in suburban Ramsey County. The 12-week group provides women with a place to heal from domestic violence. It is free, confidential, non-judgmental, and supportive. Free childcare is provided. A group for children, ages 6-12, meets concurrently with the women’s group. Children have fun while learning about resolving conflict, respecting self and others, sharing feelings, and feeling good about themselves.

Teen Talk, A support group for parents. This 8-week group is for parents who want to develop better more respectful relationships with their teens. Learn to discipline respectfully, how to manage conflicts with your teen and how to better communicate.

Finding Emotional Balance. A 10-week group for women who want to explore their emotions and how past experiences impact their relationships. Discover healthy coping skills, diffuse anger and heal the hurt, understand depression and anxiety, and let go of old stories as you write new ones.

For more information, contact Mary at 651-770-8544.


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