Have a domestic violence data base

There is a sexual assault data bases that makes people registered and known for their horrible acts. Yet, there are people who have committed domestic assault on significant others and children and are never known. It’s a crime that causes anguish, pain, fear, and mental anguish. It’s a crime that should follow the person around and be public for another to search. There should be something that protects others or let’s people know who they are dealing with.

Florida dad charged with child abuse in school mask dispute

The father of a Florida high school student, who is known for protesting the district's mask mandate, was charged Wednesday with child abuse after

Who's Most Likely to Get Bullied at School?

Race-based bullying takes a heavy toll on teens, the research found, but minority kids who are picked on for other reasons — whether gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability or immigration status — suffer a double whammy.

Fact Sheet: Biden-⁠Harris Administration Announces Comprehensive Strategy to Prevent and Respond to Gun Crime and Ensure Public Safety

President Biden believes that the surge in gun violence that has affected communities across the country over the last year and a half is unacceptable,

These women survived domestic violence. Now they're taking a stand to help others

The brave women in this article are from Louisiana, USA. All of them

Hartselle woman arrested for hindering prosecution in regards to child abuse investigation

MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – A Hartselle woman was arrested Friday by the Hartselle Police Department. This is the second arrest in a child abuse case in Morgan County.

Ryan Giggs kicked ex in back and threw her naked out of hotel room, court told

Former Manchester United footballer Ryan Giggs kicked his ex-girlfriend in the back and threw her naked out of their hotel bedroom, a court has